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Winter Maintenance Services

From UK statistics, it's clear that accidents occurring due to ice and snow are constantly increasing yearly. If such accidents occur in public business areas, the owner could have been prosecuted by the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974. If it's your property, you can avoid such extreme situations. Hire private gritting services who can keep your business free from ice and snow.

snowplough clearing a pedestrian road

Consequences of Lack of Winter Risks Management

Dundee Gritting Services specialises in works through difficult weather conditions to clear and grit snow. Adverse weather conditions are hazardous, and so it's advised to consider regular gritting to ensure your customers and workers are safe at all times. 

We provide our services for business entrances, pathways and car parks as part of their winter risk strategy form the company. Such precaution will prevent the owner from getting into a legal situation or even cases of someone slipping and potentially getting hurt from the icy conditions. Winter gritting is beneficial to your organisation as it helps you save cost as well as the time of costly claims laid on your business.

How can we help you mitigate winter risks?

You can benefit from winter gritting and snow removal services for your commercial properties. You can prevent any possible loss that can occur where you would be required to close the business due to extreme weather conditions. 

We can also help in preventing the owner and their business from claims. This avoids your business developing a bad reputation which could result from customer or staff injuries if gritting is not carried out. The law requires that business owners have a responsibility towards the safety of the building's occupants as well as maintaining the access to their site. 

Dundee Gritting Services uses the latest forecasting technologies to closely monitor the local weather conditions to offer a tailored service for our clients. We have also invested in snow clearing machinery and new vehicles to ensure efficiency and also meet set standards.

private car park after snow clearing

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We are proud to be Dundee and Northeastern Scotland's local winter maintenance contractors. Just give us a call, and a free Risk Assessment survey will be carried out after which a quote is provided as per strategy plan required. We additionally welcome one-off snow-clearing projects as well as ongoing maintenance contracts.

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