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Winter Conditions and Employer Responsibility

Are you aware of your responsibilities as an employer during winter conditions? How does snow and ice effect your responsibility as a business owner? It is important to understand how a road gritter service can benefit you and avoid unnecessary health and safety risks on your property.

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As stated under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974: 

Employers have to ensure that their employees and anyone else who could be affected by their works (such as visitors, members of the public, patients, etc.) are kept safe from harm and that their health is not affected. This means slips and trips risks must be controlled to ensure people do not slip, trip and fall.

Dundee Gritting Services takes pride in being the first choice in snow clearing and car park gritting across Dundee. We ensure that we offer professional and on time gritting services throughout your area.

Inspection, full forecasts and gritting services are carried out after a risk assessment. We keep comprehensive records of services we have completed on your behalf in case of a claim being made against you. Our network of local operators throughout North East Scotland offer tailored packages for your company. 

Dundee Gritting Services gives you peace of mind knowing that your car parks, private property, paths and spaces open to the public are all safe, due to our professional and effective gritting services. As an employer, you need to ensure the safety of your staff as well as anybody who is on your property.

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Weather forecasts are only a guide and not always correct. Due to our extensive expertise and local knowledge, we can make decisions regarding what needs to be done. The potential issues due to freezing weather and icy conditions can be greatly reduced by gritting the roads as a precautionary measure before any frost has time to form. This usually happens in the early hours of the morning or during the evening. 

Winter gritting is an insurance that the safety of people and movement of traffic are kept at satisfactory levels. Contact Dundee Gritting Services for gritting contractors in Dundee and we can discuss which package is best suited to you. 

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