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Using professional gritting contractors means that you do not have to worry about having the resources to carry out this gritting yourself. You can call on Dundee Gritting Services as and when they are needed. This gives you peace of mind that snowfall and freezing temperatures should not have too much of an adverse effect on your business. Dundee Gritting Services offer winter gritting for snow and ice management throughout Dundee and Northeast of Scotland. Our services operate from Dundee to Peterhead offering: 

Road Gritting


Winter Maintenance

Salt Supply

Grit Bins Refill

Winter Gritting 

During the winter months, it can be difficult to keep your business running as normal when the weather conditions get worse. A professional gritting company can help you ensure that your premises are accessible at all times. We offer winter maintenance and gritting for: 

  • Private Companies
  • Shops and Retail Parks
  • Business Parks 
  • Hotels 
  • Supermarkets 
  • Car Par

Businesses sometimes do not realise how important it is to have a proper winter maintenance schedule. The weather in Britain can change very quickly without much warning, and so it is always better to be prepared. It is important that people are still able to get access to your car park and the roads around your premises even if there has been some snowfall. 

residential road with icy roads

How Can You Benefit From Hiring a Gritting Company?

Gritting can be carried out on your car park and any access roads so that employees and customers are still able to reach your premises safely. If your business has several properties that are all located fairly close to each other, the same gritting company can maintain all of these properties. This will save time and money if a discount is offered for multiple locations.  

The nature of society today means that people are always looking for someone to blame if an accident does occur. If a slip or fall occurs on your property after snowfall because it had not been adequately treated,  you may be liable to pay compensation towards the claim. When you use a professional company, you can be sure that all the snow and ice will be completely cleared and that all visitors to your premises will be safe. 

Are you looking for road gritting contractors in North Scotland? We offer private hire gritting, snow removal and winter maintenance for Aberdeen, Dundee and Peterhead.

Please visit the following sites for local road gritting in your area.

Why Hire a Local Snow Removal and Gritting Contractor?

Setting up a winter maintenance program yourself can be a lot of hard work; a professional company will have all the knowledge and expertise to be able to deal with this, and they will know exactly what needs to be done at your property to make it safe. This leaves you free to concentrate on other areas of your business. Dundee Gritting Services offer gritting and winter maintenance throughout North East Scotland including:

  • Dundee
  • Arbroath
  • Forfar
  • Montrose
  • Stonehaven
  • Westhill
  • Aberdeen
  • Dyce
  • Inverurie
  • Cruden Bay
  • Peterhead
  • Perth

Local companies are likely to have a good understanding of how the weather conditions affect things in your area and how to deal with this. A good company will always be willing to share references and testimonials from other customers with you. Another advantage of using a local company is that you will be able to ask locally for the reputation. Call today for gritting contractors in Dundee and North East Scotland.

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